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CampIslam-Camp1-Tuesdays@6:30pm – TERM2 -January2024



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Salam Parents,

For CampIslam curriculum please click here,

or goto

This is the term one only, 11 classes, offered at $150 course, plus payment gateway fees. If you want the full year 26 class course, please opt for the $288.40 version.

Term two only, 15 classes, will be offered at $170 course in December 2023, plus payment gateway fees.

Dependent on space availability, you may choose to register in additional Islamic Studies courses if student needs more Islamic studies.

More introductory courses: 

MiniMuslim-5B-Sundays@1:00pm   or

Sundays and Tuesdays are the same content.

More advanced courses:

CampIslam-Camp2A-Saturdays@12:30pm  or

Saturdays and Mondays are the same content.

Greetings & Salam.


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