Founded in 2008, CAMPISLAM has evolved into an educational series of interactive Audio Visual Islamic presentations, in English, designed to address minds, soften hearts, work energies and heighten spirituality of our youth, in appreciation of Allah’s words and messages!  This engaging program aims at solidifying our relationship with Allah, by learning the purpose of life, the beauty of His creations, the lessons, themes and miracles of His Holy Quran….and much much more! CAMPISLAM presents Islam’s most contemporary teachings and findings through animation, video clips, quizzes and dramatic role playing. Many Quranic terms are introduced in Arabic although knowledge of Arabic is not a requirement. CAMPISLAM was established with a clear vision; to associate Islam with optimism, to strengthen aqeeda, to implement beliefs and to encourage social engagement. The environment is that of games, teams and competitions, student presentations and prizes. Every lesson is followed by an ONLINE SURVEY of questions to test student comprehension and attentiveness.


Sept2018-2019   SHARI'A & FIQH IBADAT 

Sept2019-2020   STORIES OF AL-QURAN 


CampIslam Advert Mississauga & RH for Sept 2019 Final 2