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Level 3-MiniMuslim [email protected] EST Age6-7 Jan-May’23


Students: 6

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MiniMuslim are live online interactive Islamic sessions for children designed to raise confident Mini Muslims, eager to learn in a fun engaging way! Taught in English, while introducing Arabic Islamic terms. Only 22 students per class, to allow for interaction and discussions. MiniMuslim main topics are Aqeeda (belief), Knowing Allah AJ and building a connection with Allah AJ and a strong Muslim identity, Quranic stories, Arkan Iman and Islam, covering the sacred time and space in Islam.

MiniMuslim includes crafts, stories, videos, songs and projects.

MiniMuslim is divided into 5 age levels;

Level 1 : 4-5yrs >> Level 2 : 5-6yrs >> Level 3 : 6-7yrs >> Level 4 : 7-8yrs >> Level 5 : 8-9yrs.

These ages are our recommendations. Parents are free to enroll their children into any MiniMuslim class, depending on their maturity and knowledge base.


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