Salam Parents, CampIslam fees : $130 per semester (Jan-May2019),

Jan-May 2021 CampIslam: Intro to Faith - The Foundation of Islam

Build or rebuild your confidence with this brief, concise, refresher crash course!
  • CampIslam - Intro to Faith is a 12 session online course held on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm-7:30pm Toronto Eastern Standard Time. Schedule: Jan 20th-27th - Feb 03rd-10th-17th-24th - Mar 03rd-10th-17th-24th-31st and Apr 07th., 2021. In case of class cancellation, an email will be sent to all participants and a new date scheduled. Registration fees is CAD$120 per participant. This fee is non-refundable. Please email transfer to [email protected] Please mention student name in the comment section. We trust CampIslam sessions remain privately attended by participants only, and will not be recorded. Course will be taught in English by : Maggie Amin - Founder and Director of The Islamic Cultural Center of Toronto. Contact us : [email protected]