“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.” — Maria Montessori AsSalamu Alaikom & Welcome to Janna Weekend Program (JWP) Janna Weekend Program (JWP) is a weekend Islamic program run by The Islamic Cultural Center of Toronto, specifically designed for Canadian children ages 4-14 . JWP mission is to teach Arabic and to introduce all facets of Islam in a positive, non-traditional and stress-free environment by connecting children with Al-Quran in the most desired and balanced approach. Our vision is to generate children who would grow into well-rounded, well-informed and confident individuals who uphold their Islamic values and respect the dignity of others. JWP Teaching Modules in details are as follows; MODULE ONE: AL-QURAN
  • TAJWEED & TILAWA : Higher levels will be taught Tajweed rules and Tilawa styles
  • TARDEED :Children learn proper pronunciation by listening & repeating
  • NURANIYYAH : Almost all JWP teachers are now certified Nuraniyya teachers
  • HIFTH : Children are encouraged to memorize Juz Amma. When necessary, Al Nurani method is used to teach the Alphabet in Othmani text.
MODULE TWO: LANGUAGE STUDIO JWP Language Studio uses customized educational material and syllabus that focuses on the language of Al-Quran.
  • LANGUAGE & APPLICATION: Early and Intermediate levels explore the language of Al-Quran and build their vocabulary through presentations, conversations and projects. This studio is inspired by the Montessori philosophy, teaching methodology and class set-up. Children are encouraged to actively participate in their own learning process. Individual goals are set per student depending on their capabilities.
  • TAFSEER: Advanced levels explore Al-Quran through word by word Tafseer. They start by identifying the most commonly used words and terms in Al-Quran Al Kareem. This is a customized syllabus.
MODULE THREE: SUNNA JWP Sunna class is a relaxed recreational hour; Rhymes, Art & Drama.
  • PRAYER : Early levels are taught prayer (wudu, prayer times, tashahhud…etc.)
  • HADITH : Intermediate and Advanced levels learn the teachings of our beloved prophet (bilingual). They role play and discuss concepts.
  • QURAN: All levels prepare for a drama play in which they are familiarized with Quranic verses through ongoing rehearsals.
MODULE FOUR: QASAS & ULOOM (Stories & Sciences) Qasas & Uloom is an audio visual PowerPoint presentation. Children are encouraged to participate in this interactive session.
  • BUILDING AQEEDA: Early and Intermediate levels discover Allah, the beauty of Allah’s creations, purpose of life, and basic Islamic principles, eg. Halal & Haram.
  • ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE: Advanced levels cover Aqeeda and discover Al- Quran: Stories, Sciences & Structure.
AGE LEVELS : JWP workgroups are set in mixed age groups, based on the Montessori development planes which allow the children to experience brotherhood and develop both emotionally and socially. Level 1 : Ages 4 – 6 Level 2 : Ages 6 – 9 Level 3 & 4 : Ages 9 – 12+ Level 5 & Youth : Ages 12-16 Every level is then further divided into subgroups based on their abilities. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Parental involvement is a imperative if children are to progress. Regular parental communication is encouraged. Parents will be notified if there is a serious concern with their children. To contact us, please email us at jwp@icctcanada.com. Jazakom Allah Kheir Janna Weekend Program takes place on Sundays at Stephen Lewis Secondary School – 3675 Thomas Street, Mississauga, ON L5M7E6 – 9:30 am to 2:45 pm