Janna Weekend Program (JWP)

“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.” — Maria Montessori AsSalamu Alaikom & Welcome to Janna Weekend Program (JWP) Janna Weekend Program (JWP) is a weekend Islamic program run by The Islamic Cultural Center of Toronto, specifically designed for Canadian children ages 4-14 . JWP mission is to teach Arabic and to introduce all facets of Islam in a positive, non-traditional and stress-free environment by connecting children with Al-Quran in the most desired and balanced approach. Our vision is to generate children who would grow into well-rounded, well-informed and confident individuals who uphold their Islamic values and respect the dignity of others. JWP Teaching Modules in details are as follows; MODULE ONE: AL-QURAN
  • TAJWEED & TILAWA : Higher levels will be taught Tajweed rules and Tilawa styles
  • TARDEED :Children learn proper pronunciation by listening & repeating
  • NURANIYYAH : Almost all JWP teachers are now certified Nuraniyya teachers
  • HIFTH : Children are encouraged to memorize Juz Amma. When necessary, Al Nurani method is used to teach the Alphabet in Othmani text.
MODULE TWO: LANGUAGE STUDIO JWP Language Studio uses customized educational material and syllabus that focuses on the language of Al-Quran.
  • LANGUAGE & APPLICATION: Early and Intermediate levels explore the language of Al-Quran and build their vocabulary through presentations, conversations and projects. This studio is inspired by the Montessori philosophy, teaching methodology and class set-up. Children are encouraged to actively participate in their own learning process. Individual goals are set per student depending on their capabilities.
  • TAFSEER: Advanced levels explore Al-Quran through word by word Tafseer. They start by identifying the most commonly used words and terms in Al-Quran Al Kareem. This is a customized syllabus.
MODULE THREE: SUNNA JWP Sunna class is a relaxed recreational hour; Rhymes, Art & Drama.
  • PRAYER : Early levels are taught prayer (wudu, prayer times, tashahhud…etc.)
  • HADITH : Intermediate and Advanced levels learn the teachings of our beloved prophet (bilingual). They role play and discuss concepts.
  • QURAN: All levels prepare for a drama play in which they are familiarized with Quranic verses through ongoing rehearsals.
MODULE FOUR: CAMPISLAM & MINI MUSLIM  (Stories & Sciences) CampIslam & MiniMuslim are audio visual PowerPoint presentation. Children are encouraged to participate in this interactive session.
  • BUILDING AQEEDA: Early and Intermediate levels discover Allah, the beauty of Allah’s creations, purpose of life, and basic Islamic principles, eg. Halal & Haram.
  • ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE: Advanced levels cover Asqeeda and discover Al- Quran: Stories, Sciences & Structure.
  AGE LEVELS : JWP workgroups are set in mixed age groups, based on the Montessori development planes which allow the children to experience brotherhood and develop both emotionally and socially. Level 1 : Ages 4 – 6 Level 2 : Ages 6 – 9 Level 3 & 4 : Ages 9 – 12+ Level 5 & Youth : Ages 12-16 Every level is then further divided into subgroups based on their abilities.   PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Parental involvement is a imperative if children are to progress. Regular parental communication is encouraged. Parents will be notified if there is a serious concern with their children. To contact us, please email us at jwp@icctcanada.com. Jazakom Allah Kheir Janna Weekend Program takes place Sundays in Mississauga and Saturdays in Richmond Hill. Sundays at Stephen Lewis Secondary School – 3675 Thomas Street, Mississauga, ON L5M7E6 – 9:30 am to 2:45 pm. Saturdays at Langstaff Secondary School – 106 Garden Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C6M1, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.